A little about me. . . and my skincare addiction.

Hi! My name is Janie Eyerman and I really love skincare. Skincare has been a big part of my life since my early teens and continues to be prevalent in my everyday routine. Personally, I never really had “bad” skin, but I did struggle a lot when I first started picking out products that were right for my skin type. I had no idea where to begin. Let me start this introduction off by pointing out that I have dry skin. I know now that it loves moisture, but the process that I had to take to find that out was a little bit of a journey.

At about 13, being a clueless teen, I started my skincare kick off by using harsh cleansers that were targeted for acne-prone skin just because I thought I would need them. I was a teen! I thought I had better prevent what most teens encounter – acne. I did not have acne to begin with but using harsh cleansers really dried my skin out even more. I did not get bad breakouts, but I dealt with another skincare struggle – oily skin. The harsh cleansers I was using at that time were drying out my skin (more than it already was) to the point where it started becoming super oily and reactive. To top it off, I did not moisturize ever. When I began to become more aware of the issue at hand about a year later, and as my skin became even more oily, I decided I needed to switch products. I went to the store to pick out some new goods. I had not even realized how many different products existed for skincare, let alone which to pick, and did not have any idea where to begin.

I am a naturally inquisitive person. I love knowing the what and why behind everything that I can think to question. So, staring down the skincare aisles of my local Target at the ripe of age 14, I began to have a lot of questions that needed answers. I, of course, also decided that I was going to be the one to answer all of them for myself. “What cleanser should I use?” “What is my skin type?” “What IS a skin type?” “Do I need moisturizer?” . . . The list could go on. But there, in the aisles of Target, dawned my skincare addiction. I began endlessly researching skincare after that day. The research continued. . . and never really stopped. Eventually, as time went on my family, friends, and peers started asking me for skincare tips. I was happy to oblige! I get a lot of personal fulfillment during the process of helping people with skincare, because I think it is especially great to bring others joy and confidence! I have a completely different approach to skincare now than I had at age fourteen, but the passion for it never really died. I figured that if I get joy out of helping people near to me with skincare, then I should spread my passion to even more people.

That brings me here! I hope that I can help educate you about skincare and continue to inspire joy and confidence in others! Let me be your new skincare seer, simply because I’d love to help if you’ll let me!

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